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Aspen Leadership Program - Colfuturo

The Leading Colombia 2050 program, in alliance with COLFUTURO, aims to strengthen people who have already demonstrated leadership and professional excellence in their area, supporting them in the purpose of articulating among a diverse group, who share the interest of collaborating to contribute and solve some of the main problems facing Colombia.

Leading Colombia 2050 seeks to support these leaders in identifying issues of national urgency in which, with their articulation, they can explore and work in the search for solutions.

The program consists of the Opening Seminar, two visits to different cities in the country, three virtual meetings, and the Closing Seminar. We work under the four key components of the Aspen methodology: moderators, readings, group of participants, and time dedication.

In Leading Colombia 2050, leaders embark on a journey of personal exploration and reflection that takes them beyond personal success to a place of collective significance. 

Aspen Global Leadership Network

The Leading Colombia 2050 fellowship is part of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN), a global community of more than 3,000 business, government, and nonprofit sector leaders in more than 50 countries. Being part of the AGLN, fellows commit to moving from success to significance by acting as leaders on some of the world's most pressing challenges.

"Leading Colombia 2050 marks a before and after without a doubt, leaving each of the experiences being the same person is impossible. Discovering what unites us, what makes us human, and also what separates us, allows us to believe that building a better future is possible, and that doing it alone is also possible, but that it will be more rewarding and with greater impact if we do it together."

"Having the opportunity to talk and learn from people with such diverse points of view opened my mind and I want to think that it has made me a better person. I learned that I can disagree with people and that through respectful dialogue, we can understand the differences and build on the issues that unite us."

"It is a wonderful opportunity to reflect and debate with high quality and with an excellent level of depth on the most fundamental questions of our society and our role as individuals and leaders in achieving the Colombian society that we dream of."


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