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Santiago Amador - Expert in Public and Social Innovation and a leader in the Educational Innovation ecosystem. Master's in Public Administration from Harvard University and Master's in Social Sciences of the Internet from the University of Oxford. Expert in Public and Social Innovation and a leader in the Educational Innovation ecosystem.

Diana A. Buenaños Mena - CEO of CALEC Lawyers, co-founder of several innovation projects such as JuridiGo, Convalitics, and Akuai Energy, and through the Sanctuary Colombia Foundation, seeks to materialize rights, conquer dignity, and promote the development of Afro-descendant people in Colombia and worldwide. Nominated for the Afrocolombian of the Year 2019 award in the Private Sector category. After participating in the first cohort of the Leading Colombia 2050 program, she created the "Somos el 10" Project, through which she seeks to increase the participation of the Afro-Colombian population in the private business and educational sector of the country.


Adriana Bueno Melo - Founder and director of Hábitat Sur, a foundation born in the Amazon with the aim of promoting initiatives with high social, cultural, and environmental value for the region. Master's in Political Science from the University of Los Andes and later, a second Master's in Development Management from the London School of Economics. For over 18 years, she has worked with marginalized communities in Colombia and India, both in the public and private sectors, and in NGOs.


José Miguel Carreira - IMBA from IE University. General Manager of Automundial, certified as a mentor in Conscious Business. His professional purpose is framed in helping the companies he works for, or gets involved with, to embark on the path towards becoming extraordinary companies through the growth of conscious leaders in those organizations.


Beinerth Chitiva Mosquera - Founder and director of The English Learning Center (ELC), a non-profit organization that promotes equity and social justice through English teaching, teacher training, and quality education for all, especially for ethnic minorities. Licensed in languages ​​and law, dedicated to leading high-quality education opportunities for children and young people in the country, especially in the Colombian Pacific.


Jorge Mario Díaz Luengas - Agronomist Engineer. Executive Director of the Colombian Corporation of Agricultural Research AGROSAVIA. He has also held public positions such as Director of Sectoral Policy at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and as Director of Sustainable Rural Development at the National Planning Department.


Cristina Esguerra - Master's in Philosophy from the Freie Universität Berlin and another in Journalism from Columbia University. Senior Consultant at FTI Consulting, helping to design and implement communication strategies that enable multinational companies and law firms, among others, to successfully navigate moments of crisis and transformation. Since 2018, she has been a columnist for Previously, Cristina was the digital editor of Arcadia magazine and a cultural journalist for Semana.


Lorena García Caicedo - Master's in Innovation and Technology Management from the University of Bath, UK. Consultant on sustainability and circular economy projects, both in the public and private sectors. I have contributed to the development of guides for the implementation of this model. My mission through my work is to accompany different organizations in transitioning to the circular economy by establishing business models beneficial to the environment and society.


Cristina Gómez Garcia-Reyes - Director of the global urban resilience and sustainability agenda at the World Economic Forum. Master's in Conservation and Rural Development from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology in the UK. She was an advisor to the General Directorate of the Alexander von Humboldt National Biodiversity Institute in Colombia. In previous years, she worked with the public sector, private sector, and international NGOs leading the establishment of new protected areas for biodiversity in Latin America.


Juan Camilo González Villaveces - Master's in Business Administration from Stanford University. Manager of Ingeurbe, a real estate development company. He was the manager of Ciudad Norte for the Mayor's Office of Bogotá, where he structured the Lagos de Torca project, which will generate 128 thousand housing units with a funding system that will raise $4 trillion pesos from the private sector. Juan Camilo is also the founder and board member of Agroreforestadora Rancho Victoria, a reforestation company with nearly 4 thousand hectares of planted forests in the Eastern Plains.


Michael Hernández - Marketing and Innovation Manager at Súper de Alimentos, MBA from Hult International Business School. Professor in the Master's in Marketing at the University of Los Andes in the course of Innovation and development of new products.


Ever Hernández Cuadrado - Doctor in Veterinary Sciences (ecophysiology of native fish), Federal University of Lavras, MG, Brazil. Professor at the University of Tolima and advisor in the formulation of basic and applied research projects in ecophysiology and ontogenetic development of ectotherms (amphibians and continental fish), fish farming projects, thermobiology, climate change, and the environment.


Pablo Jaramillo Quintero - General Director of the Educational Alliance. In 2016, he received the Social Impact Award from the Latin American Board of Georgetown University. Master's in Public Administration from Harvard University.


Vanessa Londoño - Writer and journalist, graduated as a lawyer from the Universidad del Rosario and Master in Creative Writing from New York University. In 2017, she won the Aura Estrada Literature Award at the Oaxaca Book Fair, and the New Feathers of Journalistic Chronicle Award at the Guadalajara Book Fair.


Patricia Mancera Guevara - Master's in Communication Design from the Politecnico di Milano and Specialization in Consumer Behavior and Market Research with an emphasis on analysis and interpretation of information.


Isabella Mariño - Law Graduate Cum Laude with an Option in Political Science from the University of Los Andes, specialist in Constitutional Law from the National University, and MSc in Human Rights from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She was the General Coordinator of ProPacífico and between 2019 and 2022, she was the Regional Director of ProColombia for the Southwest.


Ana María Mondragón Duque - Auxiliary Magistrate of the Truth and Responsibility Recognition Section of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP). LL.M from Harvard University where she was a Fulbright and Colfuturo scholar and winner of the Gary Bellow Public Service Award and the Heningson Human Rights Fellowship.


Katty Novoa Cardoso - Master's in Public Administration from the Hertie School of Governance, Master's in Supply Chain Management and Procurement from Michigan State University. Expert in strategic planning and decision-making based on data analysis.


Diana Patiño Martínez - Master's in Design and Management of Audiovisual Production from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with merit of academic excellence. Produced the short film "Leidi", winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and "Entre tú y Milagros", a short film winner of the Lion in the Orizzonti competition at the Venice Film Festival. Coordinator of programs at the Cinematographic Development Fund of Proimágenes Colombia.


Frank Pearl González - Master's in Public Administration from Harvard University, where he is a Mason Fellow in Management and Public Policy. In 2017, for his trajectory in public service, Frank received the "Public Service Award," the highest recognition that Harvard University grants to its alumni from the School of Government.


Susana Peláez - General Manager of Cusezar, a construction company with operations in Bogotá and Cali. MBA from IESE Business School. She participates on the board of the Bolívar Davivienda Foundation and on the Board of Directors of Camacol Bogotá.


Rafael Romero Torres - Electronic Engineer with experience leading technological innovation projects in Latin America. I hold an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Director at SURA insurance company, leading digital transformation initiatives.


Diego Silva Ardila - Doctor in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago, held the position of National Deputy Director of DANE. Currently at Walmart Mexico in charge of the Customer Data Platform.


Gerardo Tunubalá Velasco - Master's in Latin American Studies: Cultural Diversity and Social Complexity, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. Specialist in Formulation and Evaluation of Socio-educational Projects. National and international lecturer.

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