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Conversation: The Future of Colombia - Aspen Institute UK

  • Guests: Malcolm Deas - Professor at the University of Oxford, Mauricio Rodríguez - Professor of Leadership at the Externado University,  Alejandra Botero - Director of the National Planning Department (DNP)

  • Moderator: Pablo Navas - Executive Director Aspen Institute - Initiative for Colombia.

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Conversation: Aspen Institute Ukraine

  • Guests: Andriy Kulakov - Program Director of Internews Ukraine, Natalie Jaresko - Former Minister of Finance of Ukraine (2014-2016) and Member of the Board of Directors of the Aspen Institute Ukraine, Oleksii Makeiev - Political Sanctions Specialist, Yuliya Tychkicska - Executive Director of Aspen Institute Ukraine

  • Moderator: Juan Carlos Esguerra - Partner Esguerra Legal Advisors

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Discussion: Reinventing the Future Opportunities and Challenges of the Pandemic
  • Panelists: Miguel Cortés, Gabriel Jaramillo and José Antonio Ocampo

  • Moderator: Catherine Crane

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Conversation with Jacqueline Novogratz 
  • Author of Manifesto for a Moral Revolution

  • Aspen Institute Trustee

  • Founder and CEO of Acumen

  • Forbes - 100 Greatest Business Minds

  • Directed The Philanthropy Workshop and The Next Generation Leaders Programs of the Rockefeller Foundation

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