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Daniel Agudelo Navarro - Business Administrator with studies in Psychology from the University of Los Andes and a master's degree in Educational Policies from the Institute of Education at University College London. With over 10 years of professional experience in the social and educational sectors. Six years ago, he co-founded and leads the Health to School Foundation, a non-profit organization that develops programs to improve the well-being and learning of children and adolescents in vulnerable communities in Colombia.


Juan David Aristizábal - Co-founder of ProTalento, a solution operating in Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras to enable thousands of young people to access training, financing, and employment. Leadership for Sustainability professor at CESA Business School. Author of "Impacto Latino," "Todos podemos cambiar el mundo," and "Llenando Espacios." Recognized in Forbes magazine's "30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs" in 2012.


Andrea Barrera Zambrano - Biologist, MSc in Biological Sciences, and PhD in Plant Physiology. Her 12 years of experience have demonstrated the importance of involving people in decisions regarding the use and conservation of their territory. She leads the conservation project for a spider monkey (Ateles belzebuth) in danger of extinction in the mountains of Boyacá and the conservation and restoration strategy for forests.


Catalina Bello Montes - Specialist in International Development with 18 years of experience in the design, implementation, and monitoring of projects in citizen security, human rights, justice, criminology, police, and peacebuilding. Experience with Colombian Government entities, United Nations system entities, and international cooperation organizations such as UNODC, UNDP, IOM, and USAID. Currently managing the citizen security portfolio of USAID/Colombia valued at USD $40 million.


Luisa Gómez - Master's in Public Policy with a focus on leadership from Harvard University. She has worked in the public and social sectors in Medellín, coordinating rural education projects at CTA, monitoring public policies for economic development at the Medellín Mayor's Office, designing a business model to improve the financial well-being of Antioquian workers at Comfama, and directing Antivirus for Dropout, a foundation combating dropout rates in systems engineering and programming programs. Today, she works to increase the impact of Philanthropy in Colombia.


Sebastián González - Academic background in Industrial Engineering and Political Science, Harvard Kennedy School. Combines analysis of complex situations with innovative tools for management and productivity changes leading to achieving expected results in public and private sectors.


Claudia Hooker Archbold - LL.M. in Global Energy, International Arbitration, and Environmental Law from the University of Texas. With 20 years of experience as legal counsel at Ecopetrol, she has contributed to efficient management of corporate affairs and highly complex transactions, growth of national and international operations, promotion of new businesses, strong defensive performance, as well as resolution of commercial matters, government actions, environmental damages, and assistance in resolving all kinds of contractual disputes.


Ximena Hoyos Laqo - Contributed to the construction of the Competitiveness Agenda of Valle del Cauca in the face of the FTA with the United States. Worked in National Planning on the Internal Competitiveness Agenda and the document Vision Colombia 2019. Currently, she chairs Grupo North, a private company in the city of Cali.


Diego Laserna - Master's in Urban Planning from MIT and a degree in Political Science and Economics from Columbia University. Passionate, critical, and disciplined. Experience in political campaigns, public policy, and some journalism. He managed Juanita Goebertus's campaign for the Chamber, promoted the Anticorruption Consultation, and co-founded the citizen collective Combo2600.


Nicolás León - MBA from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Co-President and Director of New Investments at Grupo Disan, a chemical distribution company. Member of the board of directors of Agrícola Guapa, a pineapple production and export company developing the pineapple export chain in Urabá. CEO of Zalvadora, a pioneering ed-tech company in B2B and B2G virtual training and organizational knowledge management.


Juliana Martínez - Magna Cum Laude in Literature from the University of Los Andes and Ph.D. in literature and romance languages from the University of Berkeley, California. Associate Professor in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at American University, where she is part of the advisory board for the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program. Affiliated researcher at the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies and the Center for Anti-Racist Research and Policies. Director of Research at Sentiido, a Colombian organization specializing in sexual and gender diversity.


Nathalia Mosquera Palomenque - Master's in Development Planning from the Development Planning Unit at University College London. Part of the team that worked on planning, designing, and implementing the infrastructure axis of the "From Zero to Forever" Early Childhood Care Policy of the Presidency of the Republic. Worked at the Institute of Recreation and Sport (IDRD) and at the Bank of Territorial Development (FINDETER), supervising urban projects and Comprehensive Improvement of Neighborhoods. Co-founded Noddo, an NGO dedicated to promoting social co-production of habitat through participatory processes that contribute to strengthening the autonomy and inclusion of vulnerable communities. Also co-founded UPIA, a company that seeks to transform the environment through the creation of bio-materials, created through a circular process focused on people.

Eduard Mosquera Porras - Professional in Political Science, Specialist in Political and Constitutional Studies, Master in Public Policies, University Professor at the Claretiana University Foundation, Coordinator of the Institute of Peace and Development (IPAZDE), Universidad Santo Tomás Medellín. Worked for 3 years at the Medellín Ombudsman's Office, Nominated Young Afro-Colombian of the Year 2018 by Espectador magazine, President and Founder of the Young Leaders Network Foundation, Member of the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society of Political Science, United States, Author of the book "Palabras que te Direccionan Hacia una Vida Exitosa" (Words that Direct You Towards a Successful Life).


Ricardo Pineda - Economist from the University of Los Andes, MBA from IE University. Former Sustainability Director at Compartamos con Colombia where he advised over 85 NGOs. Co-founded VANSA, a company providing tailored education to prepare for future jobs impacting over 14,000 students per month. Currently leads Hackers del Talento, an academic community bringing together leading Human Talent Leaders and CEOs from Latin America to humanize companies.


Iván Dario Quiñones Sánchez - Architect and Business Administrator, winner of the IX Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism for work in public policy improving infrastructure for early childhood in the country. Specialist in International Cooperation, Master's in Architectural Heritage Restoration, and Master's in Public Administration. Has worked at the national and local levels to design and execute infrastructure projects involving the community in decision-making.


Rafael Rincón - LLM in arbitration and dispute resolution from New York University - NYU. Since 2017, co-founded a law firm specializing in international arbitration, dispute resolution, and public law, Rincón Castro Abogados. Also an international arbitrator, Latin American representative of the Young Arbitrators Group of the International Chamber of Commerce, and member of the Editorial Committee of the Paris International Court of Arbitration Review.


Julián Rodríguez Ferreira - PhD in astrophysics and aerospace engineer from the University of Paris Saclay and Paris Observatory. Full-time professor at the Industrial University of Santander associated with the school of electrical, electronic, and telecommunications engineering. Representative of the Colombian academy in the Colombian space commission. Currently directs the CEMOS research group (A1 minciencias) and the Aerospace SCUA research group.


Natalia Silva Mora - Architect from the University of Los Andes with an honorary master's degree from University College of London in Urban Planning for Developing Cities and a Colfuturo scholarship recipient during this period. Co-founder of URBANA, where she has led urban projects, large-scale regulation, active mobility, and competitiveness with a focus on sustainability and climate change in different cities of the country.


Marcela Terreros - Member of the Board of Directors of the Fanalca Foundation, which develops social and urban transformation projects through the construction of parks and programs in art, education, income generation, sports, and culture in vulnerable areas of the city of Cali. Passionate about design, dancing, and traveling. For 10 years, she worked in her warehouse and interior design office in the city of Bogotá.


Felipe Tibocha - Mechanical Engineer by profession and Farmer by trade. Master's in Energy and Environmental Management. Had the opportunity to work closely with the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. Currently, as a farmer, cultivates 220 hectares of rice.


Daniel Uribe - Executive Director of the Corona Foundation, one of the most recognized institutions in the country, working for 58 years for social development in Colombia. In this role, he has focused on promoting systemic approaches and collective impact models, organizing stakeholders around the foundation's prioritized agendas: Citizen Engagement and Education and Employment.


Laura Valencia Bonilla - Cultural manager, creative producer, and educator. Professional in Political Studies and Conflict Resolution from the University of Valle and completing a master's degree in Audiovisual and Cultural Production Management at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. Member of the Women on the Edge Corporation and coordinator of production, communications, and content for the "On the Edge Transfeminist Film Festival." Since 2020, co-leads the MINE Corporation, which seeks to revitalize collective memory, Afro-descendant ethnic identity, and community strengthening, developed in the Peón Territory.


Hernán Valencia Diaz - Co-spokesperson for the Civic Strike Committee of Buenaventura, member of Brave is Dialogue and the Calima Group. Leads an alternative for the use of organic solid waste that aims to be replicated in rural areas of the Pacific helping to generate food security and sovereignty. Graduated with a degree in Biology and Environmental Education and a candidate for a Master's in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Quindío, graduated with a Master's in Environmental Engineering from Opole University of Technology (Poland), and full-time professor at the Pacific University.

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